Dr. Gootnick has lectured to audiences around the country on a variety of popular topics in his "FOR SMARTIES" series.

Some of his most popular FOR SMARTIES classes include:

  • How to Quit Failing with Money, School, and Career
  • Understanding and Coping with the Stress of College and University Environments
  • My Kids are Terrible Problems and I've Become Like My Parents
  • How to Really Become Thinner and More Attractive
  • The Whys of Clinton-Like Compulsive Philandering
  • Getting Over Holiday Blues and Learning to Enjoy Them
  • How to Resolve Parent-Child Conflicts
  • Understanding Self-Defeating Relationships
  • And More…

If you are interested in having Dr. Irwin Gootnick speak to your group, you can reach a member of his team at: info@irwingootnick.com.